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15th Anniversary event15周年同窓会開催のお知らせ

Uyama Lab.will be in the 15 year since it was established. We'll hold the anniversary event on September.

■開催日時 DATE & TIME
令和元年9月7日土曜 12:00~15:00
7th September 2019, 12:00~15:00

■開催場所 PLACE
Garden City Club OSAKA

■ご参加のお申込み ENTRY
参加ご希望の方はこちら(ENTRY)→ Click here
We'll accept of your participation in the event until 8th August.
お申込みの締切: 8月8日木曜まで
参加費: 7000円

■ご欠席の同窓生の皆様 Absent fellows
ご欠席の方はご一読ください。→ Read me)
Please inform us the email address if you can not join the party.

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