Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering Osaka University MINAKATA Lab. Synthetic Organic Chemistry Research Group



   Research in our group seeks to bring the experience and tactics of strategies of organic methodology development based on synthesis of potential molecules. Especially, our interests are focused on efficient, selective, and environmentally benign methodologies for synthesis of valuable molecules. The new methods have been developed for the synthesis of useful molecules as building blocks for organic synthesis, fullerene derivatives directing toward functional materials, and natural products. Moreover, we are developing new reaction media for organic synthesis, namely, inclusion of organic molecules into porous inorganic materials and their chemical transformation utilizing specific microcavity are investigated.


 We seek outstanding pre-/post-doctoral students and fellows who have a strong desire to work with us!! If you are interested in joinig our group, contact us by e-mail. (click here!)

* For detailed information on admission to the Ph.D. program or on the fellowship for foreign young pre-/post-doctoral researchers, please check out the following links:

General Information about Studying in Japan 
Information for Overseas Students Hoping to Study at Osaka University 
Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program (CBCMP) (Osaka University)
Admission to the Ph.D. Program (Department of Applied Chemistry)
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships (the duration of the program: 1-24 months)
JSPS Summer Program (the duration of the program: 2 months in the summer)


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