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1. Design and Redox Function of Conjugated Complexes with Polyanilines or Quinonediimines
Toshiyuki Moriuchi and Toshikazu Hirao
Acc. Chem. Res., 45(3), 347-360 (2012).

2. Discussion Addendum for: dl-Selective Pinacol-Type Coupling Using Zinc, Chlorosilane, and Catalytic Amounts of Cp2VCl2; dl-1,2-Dicyclohexylethanediol (1,2-Ethanediol, 1,2-dicyclohexl-),
Toru Amaya and Toshikazu Hirao
Organic Synthesis, 89, 73-75 (2012).

3. Poly(L-Glutamic Acid)-modulated Emission Properties of Iridium(III) Complexes in an Aqueous Media
Toshiyuki Moriuchi, Chiaki Katano, and Toshikazu Hirao
Chem. Lett., 41(3), 310-312 (2012).

4. Polypeptides Induced Self-Aggrigation and Tuning of Emission Properties of Luminescent Complexes
Toshiyuki Moriuchi, Masahiro Yamada, Kazuki Yoshii, Chiaki Katano, and Toshikazu Hirao
Macromol. Symp., 317-318(1), 206-214 (2012)

5. Bowl-to-bowl Inversion of Sumanene Derivatives
Toru Amaya and Toshikazu Hirao
Pure Appl. Chem., 84(4), 1089-1100 (2012).

6. One-step Synthesis and Association of Alkylimidovanadium(V) Compounds
Masafumi Nishina, Toshiyuki Moriuchi, and Toshikazu Hirao
Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn., 85(5), 606-612 (2012).

7. La(OTf)-mediated Self-organization of Guanosine with an Alkynyl-Au(I)PPh3 Moiety to Induce Au(I)-Au(I) Interactions
Xiangtai Meng, Toshiyuki Moriuchi, Yuki Sakamoto, Masatoshi Kawahata, Kentaro Yamaguchi, and Toshikazu Hirao
RSC. Advances, 2(10), 4359-4363 (2012).

8. Molecular Structures of Dipeptide-Palladium(II) Conjugated Complexes
Toshiyuki Moriuchi, Kunihiro Morimoto, Yuki Sakamoto, and Toshikazu Hirao
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2012(29), 4669-4674 (2012)

9. Synthesis of Facial Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complexes Triggered by Tripodal Ligands
Toshiyuki Moriuchi, Lisheng Mao, Hsyueh-Liang Wu, Satoshi D. Ohmura, Masami Watanabe, and Toshikazu Hirao
Dalton Trans., 41(31), 9519-9525 (2012).

10. Design and Controlled Emission Properties of Bioorganometallic Compounds Composed of Uracils and Organoplatinum(II) Moieties
Toshiyuki Moriuchi, Yuki Sakamoto, Shunichi Noguchi, Takashi Fujiwara, and Toshikazu Hirao
Dalton Trans., 41(28), 8524-8531 (2012)

11. Chirality Organization in Phenylenediamines Induced by a Nonpeptidic Reverse-Turn
Toshiyuki Moriuchi, Satoshi D. Ohmura, Kenji Morita, and Toshikazu Hirao
Asian J. Org. Chem., 1(1), 52-59 (2012)

12. Design and Synthesis of Dinuclear Hemisalen Complex on Hexaarylbenzene Scaffold
Akihiro Miyasaka, Toru Amaya, and Toshikazu Hirao
Tetrahedron Lett., 53(42), 5589-5592 (2012)

13. Dipeptide-Induced Chirality Organization
Toshiyuki Moriuchi, and Toshikazu Hirao
Journal of Inclution Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry., 74(1-4), 23-40 (2012)

14. Gold Nanoparticles Catalyst with Redox-active Poly(aniline sulfonic acid): Application in Aerobic Dehydrogenative Oxidation of Cyclic Amines in Aqueous Solution
Toru Amaya, Tsubasa Ito, Yuhi Inada, Daisuke Saio, and Toshikazu Hirao
Tetrahedron Lett.,53(45), 6144-6147 (2012)

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