JK-Ceramics 36
The 36th International Japan-Korea Seminar on Ceramics
Tottori, Japan | November 20-23, 2019

Presentation Guideline (Oral)

Plenary Lecture40 min
(including discussion)
Keynote Lecture30 min
(including discussion)
Invited Lecture20 min
(including discussion)
Oral Presentation15 min
(including discussion)
  • All of the presenters are required to bring their own laptop.
  • Presentersf cooperation for keeping the time schedule would be very much appreciated.

Presentation Guideline (Poster)

LocationExhibition Room
Presentation Time13:30-15:00, November 21st (Thursday), 2019
Placing Poster09:30-13:30, November 21st (Thursday), 2019
(Posters should be put-up before the Poster Session)
Removing Poster15:00-16:00, November 21st (Thursday), 2019
Board Size90cm (width) x 180cm (height)

Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering, Tottori University, 4-101, Koyama-cho Minami, Tottori 680-8552, Japan
TEL&FAX: +81-857-31-5264
E-mail: masui@tottori-u.ac.jp

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