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Course of Materials Chemistry consists of these laboratories.

Examination Info.(JapaneseOnly)


SqApplied Physical Chemistry

TriangleKuwabata LAB.


TriangleKai LAB.


SqApplied Organic Chemistry

TriangleOshima LAB.


TriangleHayashi LAB.


TriangleKomatsu LAB.


SqFunctional Material Chemistry

TriangleImanaka LAB.


TriangleUyama LAB.


TriangleHirao LAB.



SqStructural Ceramic Materials

TriangleNihara LAB.(I.S.I.R Osaka-u.)


SqQuantum Beam Science and Technology

TriangleTagawa LAB.(I.S.I.R. Osaka-U.)


SqResearch Field of Functional Materials

TriangleMachida LAB.(CRCAST)


SqOther Chemical Department in Osaka University

TriangleChemical Department in Faculty of Engineering


TriangleCourse of Molecular Chemistry


TriangleDepartment of Material and Life Sciences